One brand which is ticking all the boxes in the fashion industry is sustainable lingerie and swimwear brand, Araks. At Araks, they aspire to create a sustainable foundation for beauty within every surface of their organisation. Every decision matters, from where and how materials are sourced, to the economy of design and the way the customers connect with the garments and their story. “We believe in reducing, reusing and recycling, in that order. Our collections are designed around core fabrics that are evergreen, which means that excess materials can be worked into future seasons instead of being discarded” (Yeramyan.A)Each year, Araks brings together creatives in the fields of fashion, art, film and design to take part in the Lingerie on Film book series. Participants are encouraged to take photos of themselves in the lingerie, and how they see beauty using a disposable camera. Rather than a glossy, edited overdone shoot, the results are unretouched, uncurated and capture a refreshing snapshot of reality. “An appreciation for a woman’s natural beauty and all of our vast differences are at the core of the brand. The Lingerie on Film project reflects and celebrates this, the way women naturally are, and the perfectness in that.” (Yeramyan. A)Araks aim is to create something beautiful from start to finish, considering the environment, diversity, individuality and the freedom to be who you want to be.