Thought piece by Charli Brownhill exploring how addictive behaviours impact our need for newness.

It is our addictive behaviours which are fuelling the industries that destroy our planet. We are constantly wanting and consuming more but never satisfied. We need to accept our consumerist ways by understanding the psychology behind them. We live in an era where social media is a big part of everyone’s day to day life. This has become even more so due to the current uncertain circumstances with Covid 19. Fashion is a big part of everyone’s social media feeds and is constantly psychologically manipulating us into spending money we don’t have, changing our perceptions of beauty and effecting our eco guilt. The problem lies with fashion being powerful and obsessive. Many are constantly craving what their favourite influencer or blogger is wearing and are compelled to keep purchasing without resulting in being fully satisfied. The trouble is, that whilst you indulge, you are fuelling an industry that emits 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere and the 245 items of clothing which is left to landfill. We need to use our consumer habits to look for companies that put the planet before the profit instead of encouraging the whirl wind of fast fashion. As we are at a critical point of climate change, with the earth in a fragile state, we need to be conscious of our behaviours. The grass may always appear greener on the other side, however, if we continue, there will be no grass on either side.