‘Unedit’ is an online platform, celebrating what I believe are the two most important topics in the fashion industry, sustainability and skin diversity.

I first became ethically aware after a trip to India last year. During this trip, I visited factories and engaged in conversations with the workers. I therefore witnessed how poor the working conditions were as well as hearing first-hand about how long their working hours are on such low wages, this is to make sure that they provide clothes in our shop windows on time.

The problem lies with fashion being powerful and obsessive. Many are constantly craving what their favourite influencer on social media is wearing and are therefore compelled to keep purchasing. We need to use our consumer habits to look for companies that put the planet before the profit, instead of encouraging the whirl wind of Fast Fashion.

Skin Diversity is also another topic very close to my heart. Since a young age, I have suffered with a severe skin condition, eczema. I have always compared myself to models which I see in fashion magazines and online and felt different. Instagram in particular, is still filled with retouched, photoshopped images of models. Fashion has a huge role in creating trends and pushing boundaries and yet we still haven’t fully embraced the importance of skin diversity. I believe it is important for brands to start incorporating models with skin conditions within their everyday content, instead of just using them for one off campaigns.

I am grateful for my skin condition, without it, I wouldn’t fully understand the importance of diversity within the fashion industry.

Unedit is therefore here to discuss all thing skin and fashion related, to share stories, art and to acknowledge the importance of sustainability and diversity within the fashion industry. All content is completely unedited, natural and has not been through photoshop.